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A POSTBIOTIC for digestive balance

Our complementary feed is made from the biomass of both inactivated Lactobacillus and their culture medium. METALAC creates a favourable environment for a better digestive well-being & better zootechnical performances. It is used as a preventive and alternative solution for all species: SWINE, POULTRY, RUMINANT and AQUACULTURE.

Presentation: powder and water soluble.

Product available for use in organic farming.

UOA Usable in Organic Agriculture
Made in France


  • Postbiotic
  • Lactobacillus
  • Nutrition
  • Microbiota



Founded in 2007, STI biotechnologie is the only company offering fermentation products from a fully controlled process with effectiveness demonstrated in various sectors of application. These lactobacilli and their active metabolites are obtained from two strains, exclusive to STI biotechnologie.

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