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Marine Isotonic Serum

Marine Isotonic Serum

Our seawater is collected at the Brittany end point, where storms and undercurrents follow one another and help in the renewal of the natural quality of this water. Our product is 2/3 natural water and 1/3 natural sea water.

Recommended daily intake: 1 or 2 bulbs a day, 15 minutes before meals (breakfast and lunch)

The Benefits of our Marine Isotonic serum are:

  • Maintain your body's trace elements level (94 natural elements)
  • Energizing action


  • Natural sea water
  • Energizing actions
  • Quinton Method
  • Well-being
  • Health



French Company, located in Brittany (west of France), specialized in sustainable marine biotechnologies, through our own know-how, we develop and distribute original active ingredients made up of rigorously selected seaweeds and microfiltrated seawater dedicated to agriculture and well-being markets.

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