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Liquid Eggs | Cocotine

Liquid Eggs | Cocotine

Culinary basics are essential for creative cooking. Whether it is the yolk, the white or the whole egg, liquid eggs are the basis of many recipes and cooking techniques.

Cocotine offers a frozen range as well as a chilled range to its customers which allows them to facilitate their preparation of pastries in particular.

The same products are offered for both the fresh and frozen sections. Cocotine offers pasteurised whole eggs in bottles. Pasteurised pastry egg whites and pasteurised egg yolks are offered according to the needs of chefs.


  • Liquid eggs
  • Frozen range
  • Chilled range
  • Pasteurised eggs
  • Culinary basics



Cocotine: The brand of fresh and frozen egg products of the Eureden group.

Our strength and our difference: the cooperative.

More than 200 references from eggs laid in France.

Thanks to our 230 breeders, we can guarantee total traceability, from the farm to the fork.

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