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La fabuleuse tarte aux pommes

La fabuleuse tarte aux pommes

Our Fabuleuse Tarte aux pommes, round and elegant, is our signature product. Made with our CARA certificate, its caramelized puff pastry is obtained from 100% French flour, extra-fine Breton butter, and sugar.
Its crispness and lightness are enhanced by Granny apples from France, Val-de-Loire. The apples are peeled, cut, and cooked in butter by our teams. Finally, they are laid out by hand on our production site in Brest. The butter brings sweetness to the bitterness of the apple.
For a quality presentation, we recommend baking the tart between 16 and 18 minutes at 190°, letting it cool and then topping it (optional) with a natural topping to bring an appetizing shine.


  • Handmade
  • France



Created in 2007 by Fabrice Berrou in Brest, Terre d'Embruns is specializing in caramelized puff pastry. Every day, our teams create authentic products, always in search of innovation and customer satisfaction.
Gourmandize, innovation and sincerity are our fundamental values.

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