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IAN® by Microbs

IAN® by Microbs

IAN® is a new equipment of microbiological qualitative and quantitative diagnosis (from 1 to 10 000 microorganism per sample) within 15 minutes. Easy to use and without enrichment, neither skill nor interpretation is required to quantify total flora in a sample (bacteria, yeasts, and molds - aerobic and anaerobic) including viable but non-cultivable microorganisms (VBNC).
Only 3 references are needed for use, in compliance with 21 CFR part11 requirements.


  • Microbiology
  • Diagnosis
  • Quality Control
  • New Rapid Method
  • Artifical Intelligence



Microbs is selling an ultra-fast microbiological diagnosis solution, based on a new generation of solid phase cytometry coupled with AI. Designed for industries, our process can quantify without enrichment the slightest microbial contamination in liquids within 15 minutes.

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