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Hygiene and hair care in powder form

Hygiene and hair care in powder form

As an innovative finished product contract manufacturing company, NUWEN, for the past 35 years, stands as the French leader and specialist of powder cosmetic. At NUWEN, our teams have mastered the technical, regulatory and industrial constraints to develop water-free formulas in order to meet today’s demands for naturalness and safety, without compromising on effectiveness and sensoriality.
NUWEN offers a range of hair care in powder form consisting of a dry shampoo and a styling powder. The company is also developing its dry-hygiene range made up of two technologies: washing powder and cleansing gel to be reconstituted.

Made in France


  • Hair care
  • Hygiene
  • Powder
  • Waterless
  • Made in France



NUWEN is industrial company operating in Health, Food, Cosmetics and in Environmental Solutions. The company manufactures finish products through private label as well as functional, natural and active ingredients for international customers.

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