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Grounds Care Chassis

Grounds Care Chassis

One unique chassis on which you can attach five different heads:

  • Multifunction brush cutter: Robust attachment to clean, crush and cut grass under the fences and between the trees. Automatic detection of obstacles included.
  • Flail mower: Designed for cleaning use in ditches, vineyards or embankments.
  • Hedge trimmer: Specific tool to regulate the hedges and mowing.
  • Weeding brush: Essential equipment designed to clear roads, sidewalks, crubs, paving stones.
  • Steel saw: Specific tool for branches cutting applications. Ideal for clearing large brushwoods.

Common specifications:

  • Hydraulic translation right and left
  • Vertical orientation of the head
  • Controler box in machine's cabin
  • Mounting brackets

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Made in France


  • Flail Mower
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Saw
  • Brush Cutter
  • Weeding Brush



Handling attachments manufacturer for agricultural, construction, civil engineering and industry machinery.

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