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Grain dryer

Grain dryer

Our column dryers, continuous or recirculating, enable the desired level of humidity to be achieved for all grains and oilseeds.
All our models operate in a vacuum system, with smooth walls.
A FAO design facilitates the cleaning of the dryer, reduces the risk of fire and limits the emission of dust and its release into the environment.


  • Grain dryer



From farmer to industrialist
Created in 1840, FAO has been able to adapt over the last 60 years to new developments in the national and international agricultural landscape.
Present throughout the world, the company places its experience and expertise in the service of farmers and also large-scale industrialists and co-operatives in more complex projects.

  • 50 employees
  • Specialist in bulk collection with handling, cleaning, drying and storage since 1958
  • 1 300 process lines in operation worldwide
  • A 7 000 m² production factory
  • Designed and made in France

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