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Gigas oysters Fines - Crassostrea gigas

Gigas oysters Fines - Crassostrea gigas

Often called the Portuguese oyster is actually since the 70’s strain of Japanese oyster.
It represents 99% of the French national production.
To produce fine oysters (less fleshy) , Yvon Madec oysters settled on farms in estuaries Abers where water is brewed by ocean currents. The food comes from the contributions of the largest seaweed forest in Europe present at the output of Aber. Their decomposition regenerates the environment micro algae, plankton. With very lively sea currents and back-and-forth generated by tides, plankton less stagnated. Fine oysters have obtained more water and very bright iodine.

The tasting:
To the eye, it is recognized oysters from Prat-Ar-Coum its dark and jagged shell synonymous with good growth on Yvon Madec parks.
At the opening, it is a wave of iodine slamming in your face ... An oyster plump, ringed by a slightly striped black coat.
In the crunch, it is a kiss to the sea and iodine tide comes to awaken your taste buds.

Sold in wooden boxes by weight (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 15kg) or counted by x24, x 50, x100 oysters from size N°4 (smallest) to N°0 (biggest).


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  • thin oyster
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Oyster farmer based in Abers's country in Brittany for 5 generations we cultivate crassostrea gigas and ostrea edulis from natural spats to adult size. With a domain of 100 hectares we produce +/- 500 tons per year.

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