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Exfoliating Ingredient

Exfoliating Ingredient

Lessonia is a major player on the worldwide manufacturing exfoliants market.

To bring you the best and largest choice of natural exfoliants, we offer more than 100 exfoliating ingredients with differents particles sizes to fit with your project development.

The smallest grain sizes should be used for facial applications and the largest one for body scrubs applications.

Grade 2000 - 1000 μm - 2000 μm
Grade 1000 - 500 μm - 1000 μm
Grade 700 - 500 μm - 700 μm
Grade 500 - 200 μm - 500 μm
Grade 300 - 100 μm - 300 μm
Grade 200 - 100 μm - 200 μm
Grade 100 - 100 μm
Grade 75 - 75 μm

The Exfoliator range brings out the natural character of cosmetic products through different geographic, plant or mineral origins and a wide range of colours.

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  • Exfoliator
  • Natural Cosmetic Ingredient
  • Green Exfoliator
  • Facial Application
  • Full Body Scrubs



LESSONIA is specialized in the design and manufacture of ingredients and cosmetic products for brands. Thanks to a full-service offer, we support our clients at all stages of their projects, guaranteeing optimal quality, safety and 100% made in France products.

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