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Display furniture and boats

Display furniture and boats

There are plenty of opportunities to use Océmer's presentation boats.

You need to:

  • To animate your sales and highlight the good deal of the day
  • Present your end-of-day opportunities
  • Create the event by dramatising your promotions
  • Expand your offer at the end of the week.

Sturdy, easy to use and maintain tools to boost your sales of shellfish, fish, crustaceans and canned seafood. Several models available according to your sales areas.


  • Display Boat
  • Fish Tank
  • Aquarium Accessories



Océmer was founded in 1979 in the Finistère near Morlaix. Since then, the company has acquired a recognised expertise in the design and manufacture of display and storage tanks for crustaceans. At the same time, has developed a range of furniture for the promotional sales of seafood products.

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