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Craft Rosé Cider 75cl

Craft Rosé Cider 75cl

Our craft cider from French Britanny is made from 100% pure apple juice and the sparkling comes from a natural fermentation process (4 months) so we do not add any CO2. Our brut cider is unpasteurized to preserve the fruit aromas.

Organoleptic profile
Eyes: Salmon trout colour.
Nose: Caramel apple tart nose notes.
Taste: Elegant and clean palate.

Refined rosé cider, can be combined with both sweet and savory:

  • Salads
  • Savoury sides
  • Sweet desserts.
Made in France


  • Craft Cider
  • Rose Cider
  • Breton Cider
  • French Cider



A French family business in Brittany produces artisanal ciders, beers and apple juices. All of their ciders are produced using traditional methods, to prepare the best craft cider flavour. A wide range is available: dry, medium, sweet, extra sweet, organic, rosé or perry. The SME developed a range of craft beers that unites the traditions of high-quality beers and the fragrant fruit freshness. It is urgently seeking British importing partner in order to establish a commercial agreement.

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