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Cardboard Pot Yoghurt 125g

Cardboard Pot Yoghurt 125g

The Malo Cardboard pot has been a household name for 50 years and it is the MALO product that contributes to the reputation of Saint-Malo.

Malo's cardboard pot represents the expertise that guarantees a firm, creamy texture and a clean, smooth cut.

The carton jar is truncated cone-shaped. This special shape, unique to MALO, prevents serum from rising and ensures that yogurts remain fermented and creamy. What's more, they fit together!

This product is made in the traditional way and is available in multiple flavours.


  • Dairy Products
  • Fresh Dairies
  • Organic Yoghurts
  • French Dessert
  • Premium Dairies



Malo has 70 years of expertise in dairy products. From yoghurt to fromage frais and speciality yoghurts, what unites our ranges is an unequalled quality and a taste of nostalgia that brings all generations back to childhood.

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