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CARA laminated half sheet

CARA laminated half sheet

Our patented CARA puff pastry is the base that makes up most of our pies and tartlets. Our puff pastry half sheet, crispy, airy, and sweet is a semi-finished product using French flour, extra-fine Breton butter and sugar.
This product base is adapted to all your sweet creations: filling, fruits, coulis, pastry cream ...
For an absolute crispness and lightness, we recommend defrosting the half plate then to cook it 30 to 35 minutes at 180° and then to let it cool down.
Its dimensions are 28.5x37cm for a raw product weight of 500g.


  • Sweet creations
  • Product base
  • Sweet puff pastry
  • France



Created in 2007 by Fabrice Berrou in Brest, Terre d'Embruns is specializing in caramelized puff pastry. Every day, our teams create authentic products, always in search of innovation and customer satisfaction.
Gourmandize, innovation and sincerity are our fundamental values.

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