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Brittany cake

Brittany cake

One of the quintessential gastronomic symbols of Brittany! Made with a traditional recipe, our Brittany cakes will delight your guests with their delicious texture and buttery taste. Available in ambient, baked, or frozen raw, and customizable according to your needs (with raspberry, prune, salted butter caramel filling, traditional format, or individual portions), they adapt to all your customers' desires!
Available cooked (fresh or frozen) or to be cooked (frozen) and in several sizes


  • Cake
  • Brittany
  • Traditional Pastry
  • Brittany Pastry
  • Frozen Cake



Manufacturer of delicacies for professionals, in France and abroad.
Our team of crepes and pastry chefs are constantly reinventing themselves to create tailor-made recipes that will best meet your needs and delight your customers.

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