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Bolus ca-P

Bolus ca-P

The bolus Calcium 100 G is a Dietetic mineral feed for dairy cows for reduction of the risk of milk fever. This product is obtained by pressing a mixture of powders or agglomerates.
It consists of raw materials and nutritional additive, as well as binders for the cohesion of the whole. The final product appears in the form of a tablet, to be administered to the animal, with a bolus applicator. Its specific formulation allows an immediately release (in vitro test in less than 2 hours).


  • Bolus
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Dairy
  • Cow



Concept’Alit is specialized in manufacturing under private label : nutritional supplements, bolus, and dry litters for farm animals. (Pigs, cattle, and poultry)

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