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Apizee Contact

Apizee Contact

Apizee contact is a real-time video solution for customer relations. Thanks to the WebRTC technology, you can interact with your customers through live video chat on your website without requiring any software installation. Apizee Contact helps to humanize the digital customer relationship and improve customer engagement by providing personalized experience. The solution can be used to increase your sales (one-to-one video call service, personal shopping service, remote quotation), but also to assist your customers (help during the subscription process, assistance during the installation of a device, remote troubleshooting). Turn your conversation channels into acquisition channels with Apizee Contact.


  • Live video chat
  • Customer support
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer experience
  • WebRTC



Apizee is a real-time web-based video communications provider on all types of devices, without installation or downloads. Apizee’s solutions enable businesses and professionals to facilitate internal and external real-time collaboration remotely as well as on-site.

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