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ApiRTC is a library that allows a developer to easily integrate real-time communications (chat, audio, video) into a web or mobile application. Developers of mobile and web services need a simplified API to integrate real-time communication into their services. The WebRTC platform (CPaaS) and its library of APIs make integration easy: ensuring interoperability between browsers and mobile applications, managing network access and quality of service issues, and managing conference bridges and IMS interworking, etc. Deploy with confidence video communication solutions, optimized to operate anywhere, at any time and on any device. ApiRTC is 100% GDPR compliant. You can use ApiRTC in the following areas: health, financial & banking, learning & coaching, customer service, field services, call center services, etc.


  • Communication API
  • GDPR
  • Real-Time Engagement
  • WebRTC
  • Video communication



Apizee is a real-time web-based video communications provider on all types of devices, without installation or downloads. Apizee’s solutions enable businesses and professionals to facilitate internal and external real-time collaboration remotely as well as on-site.

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