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AlgaGreen Beauty®

AlgaGreen Beauty®

Our laboratories have developed natural, environmentally-friendly formulas for an AlgaGreen Beauty AlgaGreen Beauty range for all skin types and ages. 100% active, the AlgaGreen Beauty range of face and body care products AlgaGreen Beauty range, certified COSMOS*, is enriched with our organic seaweed extracts:
Organic Chondrus crispus, known for strengthening cell cohesion and protection.
Organic Laminaria digitata** selected for its moisturising and regenerating properties.
Organic Ulva lactuca, a seaweed renowned for its firming properties.

**Provenance Irlande possible selon les volumes.



  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Organic Cosmetics
  • French Cosmetics
  • Seaweed Skin Care
  • Seaweed Body Care



AGRIMER, private label expert in professional galenics, developed cosmetic formulas for beauty brands and marine ingredients. AGRIMER is the only company with the EPV label, thanks to its expertise in the entire value chain: from seaweed harvesting to finished products.

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